It’s a Hybrid

On the top, you can see the Renogy 100W solar panel that I installed. It’s bolted through the cap with stainless fasteners, and the brackets are sealed with everyone’s favorite – silicone caulking. The same goop made an appearance when re-sealing the cap windows in my friend’s garage. The secret to removing old silicone is mineral spirits, plastic scrapers, scotch-brite pads, and beer. Lots of beer.

The panel is cabled with 18-gauge SJOOW power cable. I figured it’d be easier to handle a jacketed multi-conductor cable than individual wires, and I wanted the weather resistance of a good jacket. I used black Gorilla Tape to hold it to the cap. It’s lasted great through some terrible weather, and only meters a ‘5’ on the Scale of Redneckery.