Wranglin’ Pixies

Blue Sea Systems makes some great products, and I appreciate their quality. The disconnector switches the positive lead from my house battery, feeding to a 100A circuit breaker, and then to the distribution fuse box. Note the extra-beefy aluminum bus strap between the disconnector and the breaker. Mmmmmmm, ampacity. I really don’t want to watch my house burn down, so I ensure all my wiring and devices are reasonably protected.

The house battery is linked to the starting battery (and alternator) with a Blue Sea SI-ACR and some extremely high-quality machine flex cable that my friend appropriated from his old shop. There is a 120A fuse on either end of the cable run, and the ACR is tucked behind the stock fuse box on top of the passenger-side wheel well. I also bought a Powermaster GM CS130 alternator that I have yet to install.

Solar power runs from the panel through a Renogy charge controller, and directly to the battery.

I was going to buy a nice pure-sine inverter, but I realized that all I do is charge a laptop and toothbrush, so I got this one from Walmart for an absurdly low price. I have my doubts that it will supply anywhere near the advertised 1000W, but I’m never going to need that much power. I’ll probably open it up sometime and replace the thermal paste to extend its life a little. The alternator is wired off the positive distribution lug on the fuse panel. It’s protected by the circuit breaker, and it keeps any large currents from running through my ATO fuses.