Mechanically Disinclined

Occasionally I pretend to be a mechanic. It’s technically part of my job description, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. I replaced several parts on the truck fairly early on – all ball joints, tie rods, steering damper, idler arm, front shocks, rear shocks and leaf springs, and the Pittman arm.

The Pittman arm sucked to get off. Several hours of bearing pullers, ball-pean hammers, and angle grinders finally broke it free. All suspension parts are good quality greasable aftermarket bits (buy once, cry once), and the shocks are Bilstein. The rear leaf springs are the ARB OME Dakar springs, which add 2″ of lift from stock. With all the stuff in the back, if levels out fairly well. Note: if you’re doing any major suspension work, please get your vehicle aligned after. There are far too many poorly installed lift kits on the road. Your bro-dozer is significantly less libido-enhancing when the alignment is complete crap after your 6″ body lift.