Das Kapital

I “designed” a sticker a few weeks back, but waited to post about it until my copy came in and I could see how bad it looked. Turns out it’s decent enough to slap on someone else’s stuff. It looks about as ragged and sketchy as I was going for, which is like a drunk […]

Mechanically Disinclined

Occasionally I pretend to be a mechanic. It’s technically part of my job description, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. I replaced several parts on the truck fairly early on – all ball joints, tie rods, steering damper, idler arm, front shocks, rear shocks and leaf springs, and the Pittman arm. The […]

More Pixies

Continuing with the theme of well-organized and properly fused wiring, I wired my LED lights through a Blue Sea distribution block housed inside an IP rated enclosure in the engine bay. The control wiring is run via a multi-conductor machine control cable through a gland in the firewall. All switching is done with water-resistant relays, […]


My bed frame is built from birch plywood, with 2×3 stringers underneath. It’s sectioned into thirds with hinges so that I can taco it up and get more bed space if needed. It’s slightly smaller in dimension than a twin-size mattress. The holes in the side rails allow me to lift the bed and support […]

Safety Third

In the last post you may have noticed my Buddy Portable propane heater, and had an aneurysm imagining the CO buildup in an enclosed truck cap. Fear not. While the Buddy heater does have an O2 meter on it, you should really use a secondary CO detector. CO combines with hemoglobin and prevents your blood […]


I bought some el-cheapo LED light strips from Amazon. They came with a remote control and wifi control capability. I hate this. Why everything needs wifi, bluetooth, and 4k HD cameras attached is beyond me. They do a pretty good job at lighting up the space, however, and they can strobe through colors when I […]

Wranglin’ Pixies

Blue Sea Systems makes some great products, and I appreciate their quality. The disconnector switches the positive lead from my house battery, feeding to a 100A circuit breaker, and then to the distribution fuse box. Note the extra-beefy aluminum bus strap between the disconnector and the breaker. Mmmmmmm, ampacity. I really don’t want to watch […]

Glandular Function

I’m a firm believer in doing things correctly the first time, so you’re not cleaning up your own stupidity later. I’ve seen more terrible vehicle wiring jobs than I care to remember, usually involving sharp-edged holes drilled in firewalls, with thin-jacket cable and a disturbing lack of fuses. But damn, does that bass rattle the […]